A weekly podcast about development and design through the lens of amazing books, chapter-by-chapter. We do our best to be code-agnostic but we talk a lot about Rails, JavaScript, React, React Native, design, business and startups.

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    In Between Books

    This week we talk about Javascript, Ruby, and some of our favorite parts from Practical Objected Oriented Programming.

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    Testing... Testing... 123...

    This week we talk about writing changeable code, knowing what to test, when to test, and how to test.

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    Composition Imposition

    This week we talk about combining objects with composition and deciding between inheritance and composition.

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    Modules! Modules! Modules!

    This week we talk about modules, breaking your code into re-useable chunks.

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    Inheritance At Its Core

    This week we talk about behavior through inheritance and where to use inheritance.

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    Ducks! Ducks! Ducks!

    This week we talk about duck types and polymorphic objects.

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    Get Flexible

    This week we talk about defining interfaces, constructing an intention, and using messages to discover objects.

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    Managing Dependencies

    This week we talk about recognizing dependencies, isolating dependencies, and managing dependency direction.

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    Single Responsibility

    This week we talk about creating classes, why single responsibility matters, and writing code that embraces change.

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